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  • Protecting Our Local Assets

    It’s no exaggeration to say what makes our region great is directly threatened by the never ending fiscal crisis in Hartford. Heather will fight to protect local hospitals and schools from damaging cuts, against oppressive mandates on towns that lead to higher property taxes, to protect our shoreline industries and fishermen from excessive regulation, to protect the U.S. Sub Base and Electric Boat and to fight for the jobs of citizens in the 18th district who work in our state’s gaming industry.

  • Addressing Connecticut’s Fiscal Crisis

    As a local leader for ten years in Groton and a businesswoman Heather will fight for the right priorities amid the state’s ongoing fiscal crisis created by insiders in Hartford. That means tax relief for hardworking Connecticut families, a strong education for our children and maintaining a high quality of healthcare will take priority over more Hartford bureaucracy and the pet projects of insiders.

  • Fixing Connecticut’s Economy

    As the co-founder of a successful small business in eastern Connecticut, Heather knows what it takes to repair our business climate and raise wages. She will fight for policies that will stop the flight of jobs and businesses from our state and create opportunity for entrepreneurship.

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